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Tirohana Estate Pinot Noir 2007 $35 375ml ***** 
That spice-laced Black Forest cherry cake profile that is so Martinborough jumps brazenly out of the glass. Persistent, balanced and lengthy.
Purchase at the special pre-release price for $28

Better By Half 
The 2007 Pinot Noir vintage in Martinborough will be remembered for, well, ‘not much’. Frost destroyed swathes of the crop in many vineyards, leaving producers woefully short of their glamour variety. To try to make more from less, Tirohana Estate decided to release all its 2007 Pinot in half bottles (375ml). “It was a way to spread the love,” explained Tirohana sales manager, Toby James. “this way it will go further and those people who know it will be able to get a taste of it.”

30th October 2008